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Student Travel - Documentation


Before you leave make 2 copies of your passport. Take one copy with you but keep it in a separate place from your original passport. Leave your 2nd copy with a family member. If something should happen to your passport, lost or stolen, having this information available can make replacing a passport much easier.


Make sure you check the visa requirements of all the countries you will be visiting or transiting through. Contact the consulate of the country you plan to visit to request detailed visa information.

Student Travel - Health Tips

Some Countries require or recommend vaccinations certificates or other personal health information before entry. Contact your local public health department for specifics on the countries you plan to visit. Click here for Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For a complete list of countries with Warnings (don't go) from the State Department, click here.

For a complete list of countries with Warnings (don't go) from the State Department, click here.

Student Travel - Money Tips

The safest way to carry money is in travelers checks.

For your convenience, always have a small amount of local currency in your pocket when you enter a foreign country. For currency conversion click here

If you are interested in purchasing a prepaid Mastercard (reloadable) consider the ISIC International Student ID Mastercard.

If you have an ATM Card contact your local bank for a listing of their international locations. You should be able to obtain cash easily overseas and usually at an exchange rate better than the currency exchange offices. Please note most international ATM machines only support a 4 digit pin number. For a listing of ATM machines click here.

Also, for emergency purposes have a large bill ($50.00 or $100.00USD) in a separate safe place from other moneys.

Student Travel - Baggage Requirements

How much luggage can I take?

There was a time when airlines had an industry standard for luggage but all of that has changed. We suggest that you contact the airline directly or the airlines website for the latest information.

What about carry on luggage?

Again the standards have changed and each airline has individual rules please verify with your carrier.

What about items on board?

You are allowed to bring personal belongings on board with you however the Transportation Security Administration has a list of restricted items as well as other safety issue. You can access the government site at:

Student Travel - Inflight Travel Tips

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